“The Mushroom Cure”: A Hilarious Ride through OCD, at The Marsh, S.F.

“The Mushroom Cure”: A Hilarious Ride through OCD, at The Marsh, S.F.

Adam Strauss Takes Us on a Fabulous, Perceptive Trip!

by Kevin Marley and Barry David Horwitz

We find comedians a trip. Now imagine a tripping comedian. Adam Strauss brings his New York Fringe Festival Award-winning “Mushroom Cure” show to The Marsh—and he is laugh out-loud funny. Adam opens our “doors of perception,” with the stories of his suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), which he recounts with great good humor and charm. After we hear about his distressing experiences with perfectionism and indecision, we feel like we know a new, worthwhile friend.

The horrors of “analysis-paralysis” hit hard as Adam depicts disturbing scenes of his own neurotic indecision.  His hyperbolic anxiety rings as true, genuine, and heartfelt. We happily open ourselves up to his fast-paced, witty humor. “The Mushroom Cure” recounts Adam’s finding a scientific study claiming that hallucinogenic mushrooms may cure obsessive-compulsive disorder. Adam rolls hilariously with that news. Actually, he is on the cutting edge of research urged my MAPS, an association for Psychedelic Studies.

Adam-Strauss, “The Mushroom Cure.” Photo: DominikTarabanski

Strauss, a professional comedian from the Big Apple, seeks relief through therapies and drugs, finally pursuing psychedelic mushrooms as a pathway to health. The comedy of his life is witty and face-paced, the portrayals of his suffering heartrending.

He screws up lots of relations, until he finds his “perfect” girlfriend from Kansas, who shines as a light. His involvement with her paints a funny and prophetic outcome. And and his intriguing “outdoor” therapist, who meets him in Washington Square, takes “therapy” to a whole new level of insight and wit.

Adam Strauss, “The Mushroom Cure.” Photo: Dixie Sheridan

It is a joy to partake of Adam Strauss’s “Mushroom Cure”—because his intense scenes of confused anxiety and rapid-fire comedy sustain emotional involvement to the very end. The time flies by like a mind trip—there’s a lot to learn and enjoy.

Adam is a non-pharmaceutical source of pleasure—a cure for dismay in himself. He’s a Life Cure—so, take a big dose of Adam Strauss and his funny, gripping, and uplifting story. He knows how to how to analyze, how to live, and laugh at himself. Let’s see it, again.

Adam-Strauss, “The Mushroom Cure.” Photo: Dominik Tarabanski

 “The Mushroom Cure” written and performed by Adam Strauss, directed by Jonathan Libman, at The Marsh,  Berkeley, Fridays & Saturdays, through Saturday, April 28, 2018.  Info: themarsh.org

Cast: Adam Strauss

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